It came in the mail

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Actually, it was delivered by UPS, or misdelivered, as the case of this case was. Last week, I arrived home to find a note on the door that UPS was delivering me a package, but that I wasn't home. I hate UPS, because it seems that there is no actual logic to there method of delivering stuff, and that they have the worst breakdowns in communication. By the note, I realized that it was a shipment of wine. The day was a Wednesday, and the note said that re-delivery would happen the next day between two and five o'clock. By six, I had still not received a package, and so I called them up, to which I got the answer that the package was scheduled for delivery the next day, which wasn't what the note said. After reaming out the operator, but telling her that it was nothing personal against her, she offered to have it held for me for pickup, to which I agreed.

Of course, when I went the next day, Friday, to pick it up, they informed me that it was on the truck. Luckily, the attendant had someone find out when the truck was going to be in my neighborhood and took my number. While shopping, I received a call that the truck was now in my neighborhood; I already told them that I wouldn't be home for forty-five minutes, and here it was only twenty minutes later. Needless to say, I hurried home and was able to catch the driver in the block above mine and get my package.

Inside the box were six bottles of wine (three red and three white), information, a wine opener set, and some other stuff. Oh, it was from 4 Seasons Wine. This was actually a Christmas gift that someone have bestowed upon me.

So far, I have tried all three of the whites, to which one was very nice, one is okay, and the other was not palatable to my tastes; others might like it, but it's not my style of Chardonnay.

The first white that I tried was a 2006 Oakton Lane Chardonnay from California. This, I didn't like. It was buttery, which I hate, and had no bite to it, meaning that it had no taste that grabbed me. For others, this might be a fine libation, especially those people who like butter cream icing (I like the kind that mom made that got hard and would easily crack).

The second was a 2005 Heritage du Chateau Touraine Sauvignon Blanc from France Loire Valley. Now, I have had many wines from the Loire Valley, and this one exemplified the terroire there with it's crispness. Now, even the material that came with it said that they weren't sold on this 100% wine, which is produced by the so-called "King of Sauvignon," and neither was I. I have experienced a lot more exciting offerings from Australia and New Zealand, as well as Chile. However, while it's not imbued with a strong citrus flavor, it does have a mature and subtle taste that definitely has a refinement to it.

The third white is 2006 Villa Masetti Pinot Grigio Soave from Italy. This is a wine that is neither a stand out, nor something that you would toss aside. It actually is quite a good companion to lazy days and quiet nights; no, I am not pushing the song Corcovado to you. I've been tipping from this bottle for the past two days, and will finish it off tomorrow.

Of these wines, the second and third were the most reasonable and desirable in price point, while the first just didn't seem to me to be worth it at all.

Anyway, this next week, I'll try the reds and let you know how that goes.

Such is the wine journey.

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