Don't touch my wine!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I always say that depending upon how much one makes, and how much has to splurge on buying wine, there are bottles to be shared, and there are bottles to selfishly savor. I mean, in regards to the latter, you paid for it, and no one else did. There is my wine rack, and the fact of the matter is that it is my wine rack. Usually, I will tell people what they can select from it versus giving them carte blanche to pick and choose as they might (hell, I am by no means rich, or even ten percent of what would be termed that).

One friend of mine once related to me a similar concept based on an incident which happened when she threw a party. As it turned out, she had some good Johnnie Walker there (gold, green or blue), to which one of the guests preceded to guzzle it down with reckless abandon. Now mind you, this person never drinks more than black label when they are paying for it themselves, but had no hesitation in treating it like it was something that they have on hand, and then preceded to get totally snookered on it. Now, it would have all been forgiven and forgotten had the person presented the host a bottle later on, but that didn"t happen.

My rule is that I normally bring a bottle or two to a party for the guests and at least one bottle for myself, that only I drink.

Now, at my last taping, we had an interesting transgression take place. The offense was someone removing a bottle of wine from the bar and doling it out to the people seated at their table; said person has been banned from all future events. That was akin to me walking the kitchen and just taking a couple of dishes and giving it to someone who already had their allotment. They didn"t purchase the wine, weren"t involved in the event, and didn"t know what was meant for whom. They used a crappy defense which of course left them holding the bag for both their stupidity, their arrogance and their disrespect.

It doesn"t matter where we are, don"t touch my wine!

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