I've just gotta get to one of the wine festivals

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes when you are so busy, things sneak up on you that you forgot about, and in my case it"s the wine festivals in New York and D.C.

Well, in this case, I have to attend one, because we don"t even have one of this magnitude in Philly, or do we? We actually might, but last time I didn"t make it to more than twelve tables during the official time of the event, because I was pal-ing around with a bunch of the reps, and they were topping me off.

So, I am faced with the quandry of which one to attempt to attend, and then where to stay after it. I wouldn"t dare to drive back home after imbibing that much, and I"d probably easily oversleep on the train.

Oh well, I"ll let you know what happens.

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