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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last week, or a little before that time, I would up joining several wine groups on meetup.com in order to get some people for a private wine tasting that I am filming. Well, one of the administrators of one of the groups sent me a personal email in regards to speaking with me on what I was working on.

Our first conversation was lovely, but I did tell her my issues with the African American market in Philadelphia (lack of forward momentum for the past several decades), to which she understood. She then made me some type of associate coordinator or administrator for the group.

Well, as I normally don't have the enthusiasm to deal with the messages on newsgroups and what not, I did engage in responding to the post on Monday morning, which was an excerpt on an article where someone had made a comment about people and their wine choices.

Wine can convey many messages. To many, it"s a sophisticated drink, no matter what type you order. To others, wine can suggest a different meaning. Jacobson offers his interpretation of what different types of wine can suggest:

White Wine -- "Typically, (this is ordered by) women who don"t really want to drink. It"s still got a fruity taste but it is something you can sip for most of the night if you want to avoid drinking too much."

Red Wine -- "People who drink red wine often want to seem sophisticated. Some of them are, some aren"t. You can learn a lot by watching how someone holds their wine glass and drinks their wine."

Blush Wines -- "People who order blush or white zinfandel in a restaurant are not typically wine drinkers. They really have no idea what is good or not-so-good when ordering wine."

Anyway, I had a huge issue with these thoughts, because while some of it is true, it really is false for wine enthusiasts, especially in the case of blush wines, though I do wholeheartedly agree with the crack in regards to white zinfandel.

Well, this kicked off several days of some very "emotional" and heated missives back and forth on the group in regards to my initial statements, and the original post as well. While at the beginning, there were several indictments of my statements, it seemed that towards the end, people started to understand where I was coming from, and at least one person had an interesting experience akin to something that I wrote that could happen.

In the end, I think that we engage in the world of wine to learn a little more than we knew before, but that a lot of people are just still rooted in doing what the rest of the regular people are doing.

But if you want more, than rise about the rest!

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