A scrumptuous way to imbibe blueberries

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brand NameAlba
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Wine NameAlba Blueberry Wine
Vintage (Year)
BottlerAlba Vineyard
CountryUnited States
VineyardAlba Vineyard
Wine ClassFruit
Wine TypeBlueberry
Wine GroupsI'll take this with chocolate
The Usual Suspects
Heaven in a Bottle
Alcohol %12%
Bottle Size500ml
Price$10 and Under
Site Rating9 (on a scale of 1-10)

As you can figure by now, Canal's Wines is one major place for me where I pick up my wines (when I worked in Wilmington, it used to be Kreston's on Concord Pike). And at Canal's, one of my favorite aisles is the one that holds all of the dessert wines.

Sitting on the top shelf, and at the far end, I noticed three wines; Alba BlueBerry, Alba Raspberry, and a Blueberry Port. So, I tried all three.

I usually am not a major blueberry consumer, but will admit that I like the taste if it's flavoring something the right way (try the Blueberry Wheat beer over at Manayunk Brewery in Philadelphia). My grandmother used to tell me about this one winery which made a blueberry champagne every year; if you can find it, do contact me.

I must say that this blueberry wine takes the cake. It has a good strong flavor that is not too sweet [like the rasbperry], and goes down full-bodied and smooth.

I highly recommend having a couple bottles of this wine, as it would make the perfect compliment to just about any dessert (note: I don't do desserts, but I have a soft spot for any type of cupcake except for chocolate, and with rainbow jimmies/sprinkles).


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