Melon, pineapple and pepper!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brand NameMilbrandt Vineyards
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Wine NameTraditions 2006 Chardonnay
Vintage (Year)2006
AVAColumbia Valley
CountryUnited States
VineyardUpland Vineyard
Wine ClassWhite
Wine TypeChardonnay
Alcohol %13.9%
Bottle Size750ml
Price$10 - $20
Site Rating8 (on a scale of 1-10)

I received an email last month to see if I would be interested in running some in-store tastings of several wines in Pennsylvania. It came by way of Andrew Quady, who owns Quady Winery, makers of some favorite wines of mine, along with his wife Laurel Quady. You see, last year, I had called up Quady Winery to speak with their marketing person to see about advancing their wines on the east coast. As I was communicating with their marketing person, she started cc'ing Andrew on the emails, and then he wound up emailing me, and a new connection was made. As one of the wines was going to be from Quady, he extended the opportunity to me to run a couple of the wine tastings.

One year later, and I am in a store in Broomall, PA along with Chris De Sanctis of The San Francisco Wine Exchange whom I met last year [on a Saturday] while meeting the Quady's at the chocolate festival in New York City.

But let's get to the wine. Two brothers in Washington state who have been farmers for 20 years decide to start making wine five years ago. This wine is made from Chardonnay grapes from three vineyards, has very little oak to it, giving a taste of melons and pineapples along with white pepper. The nose is great, yielding both cantaloupe and straw. The taste has a bite with the white pepper aspect.

I gave it an 8, simply because I know they have some other stuff that might wow me even more.


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