Pear [and a dab of peach] wonderment

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Brand NameTrimbach
Wine NamePinot Gris
Vintage (Year)2004
Wine ClassWhite
Wine TypePinot Gris/Grigio
Wine GroupsLadykillers
Heaven in a Bottle
Gorgeous Blancs
Alcohol %13%
Bottle Size750ml
Price$10 - $20
Site Rating9 (on a scale of 1-10)

Pear is one of those fruits that I am not too fond of, but I find it great in the taste of wine. It's a new week, and I am just recovering from an all day shoot that Al and I did on Sunday. I figured that since I was going to New Jersey for Mega Millions tickets, I would pick up a bottle of wine or two while I was there, and this bottle caught my eye.

Additionally, I learned that some Pinot Gris are actually not the same as the Italian Pinot Grigio, but instead descended from Pinot Beurot. That Pinot Noir, I am about to nickname it the Tiger Woods of wine grapes with all of its mistresses and liaisons.

I will go back to the 90's to describe this beauty.

It is very leggy, so leggy that it's like a pin-up model from the 40s dancing on a pole in a strip club; it hangs up there baby. The body is thick and the bouquet very aromatic, bringing you a bold scent of pear and peach from as far as one foot away from the vessel it is in. Hidden in this scent to some people might be the faintest whiff of vanilla; it reminds me of my mom's passion for Breyer's vanilla ice cream.

I think that this wine would go great with a number of dishes, from cold salads, to cured meats and fresh cut fruits and veggies, to poultry like goose, duck and quail. I also think that this wine would go great with a number of desserts as well.

This wine is a winner, and after two glasses, I am feeling it. Time for me to hop out and get me some scallops from Al.


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