A nice wine to pair up cheeses with

Friday, December 25, 2009

Brand NameThe Wait
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Wine NameTorrontes
Vintage (Year)2008
AVAMendoza Province
Wine ClassFruit
Wine TypeBlueberry
Alcohol %14%
Bottle Size750ml
Price$10 - $20
Site Rating8 (on a scale of 1-10)

Honestly, I only mentioned the cheeses because it says on the back label that this wine would be perfect for meats and pungent cheeses, and in that case I believe them, because I don't like pungent cheeses.

Secondly, I remember the first time that I ever had a Torrontes wine, and it was at a mixer which took place at the Red Maple in Baltimore. Several professional networking groups were behind it, and through my buddy Teddy Coates whom I met through a program for independent authors (I have also written four books and released three of them), I knew of it. Always looking for something new, I tried this type of wine, and while it didn't ring my bell, it was something new and different.

Now, this wine is probably no more than the fifth or sixth Torrontes wines that I have had, and this one reminds me of the first one. The scent of it is very much infused with the smell of peaches and other stone fruits. However, the taste is quite odd, consisting of pink grapefruit, stone fruit, and as they say, quince. I remember the story my mom often telling of how she tried a quince, and her lips puckered up severely because it was so sour. Because of what I register as an oddity to the taste (and remember that there are now considered five different tastes of people), this might be great with some cured meats, or even some ceviche.

That said, some of you might find this a great wine to go with a nice seafood salad, or any cold salad with a nice vinagrette that isn't creamy. And believe it or not, I am now on my second glass of this.


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