From gold-bearing soil comes this winner

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Brand NameBeringer
Other Wines Reviewed
Wine NameKnight's Valley Alluvium Blanc
Vintage (Year)2006
AVASonoma County
CountryUnited States
Wine ClassWhite
Wine TypeChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Viognier
Wine GroupsLow cost party staples
Gorgeous Blancs
Alcohol %14%
Bottle Size750ml
Price$10 and Under
Site Rating9 (on a scale of 1-10)

The truth is that I looked up the word 'alluvial' just to make sure that I knew what it meant, and it means gold- bearing, coming from the fact that there was gold in this soil before... and I must say that this wine is a winner.

Lately, as you know from other reviews, I have been looking for other levels and release categories from big wineries. So far, I have had the Napa Valley and the Third Century from Beringer, and while I like them, I have no love at all for their 'Stone Cellars' imprint. However, I was sufficiently intrigued and receptive to the taste of their Knights Valley Alluvium Blanc. Of course, when looking at the bottle, I was wondering what the hell kind of grape is that, but like how they named it for the soil it comes from, and not the grape.

'The 2006 Alluvium Blanc is predominantly Sémillon (47%) and Sauvignon Blanc (43%) with small amounts of Chardonnay (8%) and Viognier (2%),' says the Beringer website. The taste itself is resplendent with tangerine and pear, though as their website says, you can also taste nectarine; I wager that if you mixed the juices from the first two, you'd probably get something resembling nectarine taste.

I think that this wine is going to last awhile as a nice take on whites from America, and its smooth flavor and finish definitely puts it as a wine that you can easily take your time in savoring, whether you are alone, having some chats with friends, or entertaining a large crowd. And with the discount for purchasing a whole case, this wine should be a nice treat at your next bash.


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