"Seven and Seven" Featuring Friday Monkey Wines

"Over a Glass" & "Four and a Bottle" show taping, drinking and eating

Sunday, February 28, 2010

After taking January off, we're back with another day of tastings and tapings. This time, we're going to do a speed tasting approach where we have seven tables, seven wines and seven dishes. Don't worry, we won't rotate you, but we'll rotate the wines and the dishes. We're taking over Mission Grill restaurant again, and we'll be filming an episode of "Over a Glass" and an episode of "Four and a Bottle."

In Over a Glass, Zach will bring wine to which Al will pair the food. All in attendance will be seated and enjoy each course and be interviewed as to their reactions and/or impressions on the wine and the food. The wine during this session will be those under the Friday Monkey, whose wines all hail from Australia (I really love their Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend). At present, while Al has come up with a preliminary menu for the event, it might change, as well also might have some single guest chefs at the event as well.

For that don't know about Four and a Bottle, we take four chefs who will each construct a dish on the fly given a glass of wine to taste. Several audience diners will be chosen to participate, being served both the wine and small plates of all four creations.

Summarily, all in attendance will enjoy seven wines (3 oz. pours; we can't have you guys getting into accidents) and seven dishes. Tickets are $30 per person. For those of you that have attended past events, you know that you get your money's worth, and in this, you'll also be on our shows (7 3 oz. pours of wine would run you at least $35 not including tax and tip).

For more information, you can call me at 215-474-1911 or contact me. Space is limited to twenty-eight people per seating. All tickets must be purchased in advance of the taping date.

Mission Grille
1835 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2744

Cost: $30.00

Time: 4PM

Sorry, all seatings are sold out

Third Tasting Added - 5 dishes and 5 wines of The Wait (Argentina)


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