A great afternoon tasting at Chaddsford Winery

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Several weeks ago, I was invited to a cookout at one of the wineries where grapes for some of ChaddsFord Winery's productions are grown.  Eric Miller, the co-owner along with his wife Lee, invited me out to it. I met Eric in 2001 when he was doing a wine presentation at a Delaware Chef’s Association Dinner, and knew from that experience that he was a fun guy.  I have been a fan of several of their wines for years, including the Sunset Blush, the Spring Wine, and the Niagara.  Over the years, I have crossed paths with Eric several times, and have once even been out to the winery for an event.  So, I emailed him and said that I would love to come out, taste the wines, and post reviews of them on my website(s). 

Well, today was the day.

I tried seven wines while there, from rosé, white, red and sweet varieties, all the while conversing with Eric while trying them.  Every time that I talk with Eric, I usually gain another insight on something, or just get another idea to try.  This time, I learned that a trick to get more out of the taste to wine is to actually taste different raw components on their own, such as honey, different spices, and different types of fruit.  Eric, along with Gino Razzi of PennsWood Winery, are probably two of the most competent winemakers in Pennsylvania and two of the most approachable.  Eric took two hours out of his busy schedule to meet with me for the tasting, and it was well worth it on my end.  

The highlights for me of the tasting were the Niagara (arguably the best Niagara wine that I have ever had, and it's similar somewhat to a Catawba grape), the 2007 Pinot Noir, and the 2006 25th Vintage Merlot.  

I would definitely recommend trying their wines to most people, especially the Due Rossi, the Naked Chardonnay, and the Dessert Riesling (I will be trying the latter tonight, but I expect the best from them).   

Aside from that, you might want to take a ride out there, and do a tasting, or definitely look at their website, see the events listings and visit during one of those times.  Then, you can normally taste most of what they have available.  

Thanks again Eric!

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