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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Terranova Imports ( www.terranovawine.com), fine importers of Italian wines, are giving back!  For each bottle of Happy Tails white or red sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Pennsylvania and Cumberland County SPCA chapters.  This in turn will be saving the smile of a dog, cat, rabbit, etc. which in turn will bring many smiles in return to a future owner, their friends, and their family. 

I myself have adopted two stray cats (Booboo and Sasha), helped other stray cats get adopted, and even helped one dog get adopted (I told the future owners that he was fluent in horse and pony, since they had both).  For those that are familiar with the SPCA, they have done a phenomenal job over the years as a national organization protecting the welfare of animals, but they are not in it for a profit.  They exist on donations and what little recompense that they receive when an animal is adopted. 

So, along came Carmine Verrecchia, with his firm, Terranova Imports.  They have released two of their wines under a special label, Happy Tails, to help fund the Pennsylvania and Cumberland County SPCA chapters.  Happy Tails White is a combination of Chardonnay (30%) and Malvasia Bianca (70%) grapes forming a nice, but somewhat dry wine with a trace of green apple in the flavor.  Happy Tails Red is from Sangiovese, one of my new favorite red grapes.  It has a medium dryness, an absence of that tannic character, and a nice black currant, spice, and plum flavor. I gave them both a rating of 8 and for they can each be had for less than $10 a bottle!

You can find out more here and try a bottle when you get the chance, some tails will wag happily as a result.

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