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Chilean Pinot Noir French style (8)
2008 The Deck - Royal Flush Pinot Noir

A totally boss Carmenere (10)
2008 The Deck - Big Blind Carmenere

Deep coffee backed plums (9)
2006 The Deck - All In Cabernet Sauvignon

Definitely a winning hand (10)
2008 The Deck - Full House Chardonnay


Our Mission: The Black Winer strives to expose African Americans [and others] to wines, without the flair, stuffiness, and airs of elitism and snobbery that you get from sommeliers and high level wine enthusiasts. We believe in finding something that you like the taste of, outside of the basic brands that you have been force-fed over the years through a combination of ethnically targeted advertising, and what people in your family have historically been drinking.

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