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Dessert Wine Reviews

A piece of heaven (10)
2007 Quady - Elysium

Fall in, but don't forget your safety net (10)
W & J Graham's - Six Grapes Reserve Porto : Reserve

Great on waffles (9)
Blandy's - Alvada

Apricot and peaches! (9)
2008 Schmitt Sohne Wines - Eiswein/Icewine

A nice wine to pair up cheeses with (8)
2008 The Wait - Torrontes

An ejoyable dessert wine devoid of too much sugar or alcohol (9)
2006 Chaddsford - Sweet Late Harvest Style Riesling

A somewhat interesting combination of apples and exotic spice (8)
2008 Ca' de' Rocchi - Lugana

A freaky wine, perfect for... (8)
Luna Vineyards - Freakout

A great port, and from New Jersey (9)
Renault - American Port

The bestest rosť in the world (10)
2008 Crios de Susana Balboa - Rose of Malbec

The boss of Orange Muscats (10)
Quady - Essencia

Orange Muscat that goes down like liquid silk (9)
Quady - Electra

A yummy red muscat (9)
Quady - Red Electra

A nice dry rosť... from chambourcin nonetheless (8)
2007 Chaddsford - Rosť

A smooth port in a saucy bottle (8)
Quinta do Noval - Noval Porto Special Reserve : Special Reserve

A great raspberry for any occasion (9)
New Hope Winery - Raspberry

Damn this is good, and the women love it too (10)
New Hope Winery - Blackberry


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