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A sparkling treat with the flavor of raspberries (10)
2006 Banfi - Rosa Regale 2006 Brachetto D' Acqui

Maybe I should wait 10-15 years and then see (6)
Masi - Campofiorin

A sumptuous blend that even a wine snob could love (7)
2005 Ecco Domani - Chardonnay - Pinot Grigio

Red tears... if my latin is correct (7)
Mastrobernadino - Lacrimosa

A Pink Pinot Grigio reminding me of those old Pink Panther cartoons (7)
2005 Folonari - Pink Pinot Grigio

Say my name!!! Better yet, I (9)
Masi - Masianco

Ripasso, ripasso! You (8)
2005 Cesari - Mara

Nice, calm, and inviting (7)
2004 Umberto Cesari - Sangiovese di Romagna

Another gavi, but what did I drink the first time (9)
2007 Banfi - Principessa Perlante Gavi

The other gavi, from Banfi (9)
Banfi - Principessa Gavia Gavi

A nice dry white, and good for those that like sweet whites too (8)
2007 Anselmi - San Vincenzo

Light and airy, perfect for starters (7)
Masi - Modello Dell Venezie Bianco

An interested sparkling red, especially that will wow the ladies (9)
Tosti - Tosti Bracato

Somewhat spicy like a Chinato, but with a different fullness (9)
Rivera - Salice Salentino

This is it! and no, I am not thinking Michael McDonald (10)
Cantina Di Montefiascone - Est! Est! Est!!! Vescovo Amabile

Another great Salice Salentino (10)
2004 Taurino - Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva : Reserve

This is not the 'it' that the other one was (8)
2007 Collezion Marchesini - Est! Est! Est!!! Secco

A nice pairing of Merlot and Sangiovese (8)
2007 Bigi - Vipra Rossa

A somewhat interesting combination of apples and exotic spice (8)
2008 Ca' de' Rocchi - Lugana

My first Salento (8)
2008 Fuedo di Santa Croce - Monteiasi

Can you believe curry? (9)
Poggio Ai Santi - Le Guardie

Great and very healthy (9)
2008 Fuedo di Santa Croce - Megale

A nice drink of 'water' perfect for a nice summer breeze (8)
2008 Cardeto - Pinot Grigio

A nice semi-dry tongue tantalizer (8)
2006 Ca' de' Rocchi - Montere Ripasso

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